Violence and Aggression Policy


The purpose of this policy is to address instances of unacceptable behaviour which may cause harm or the fear of harm to any person within the Practice.   The scope of this policy is therefore:

Instances of violence or aggression committed by:

  • Any person, whether patient, visitor or any other person working within the practice


  • Any patient, visitor, or other person working within the practice.

image representing violence and aggression policy



Violence and aggression are defined as:

  • Violence is the use of force against a person and has the same definition as “assault” in law (i.e. an attempt, offer or application of force against the person).   This would cover any person unlawfully touching any other person forcefully, spitting at another person, raising fists or feet or verbally threatening to strike or otherwise apply force to any person.
  • Aggression is regarded as threatening or abusive language or gestures, sexual gestures or behaviour, derogatory sexual or racial remarks, shouting at any person or applying force to any practice property or the personal property of any person on the Practice.   This would cover people banging on desks or counters or shouting loudly in an intimidating manner.

This policy applies throughout the premises, including any car park and grounds. It also applies to any employee or partner away from the practice but only in so far as it relates to the business of the practice.